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Become a Green Rights ambassador

Green Rights Ambassadors occupy a central place in all our initiatives, because it is thanks to their commitment and passion that the Green Rights Coalition moves forward.

Among the missions of ambassadors, the most important is to raise awareness of green rights :

  • At the national level, promote recognition and respect for green rights, in particular the right to a healthy environment, in the constitution or laws of your country,

  • At the regional level, promote the recognition and respect of green rights within a legally binding regional convention,

  • At the international level, promote the adoption of a binding international treaty recognizing green rights (for example, a Global Pact for the Environment).

Ambassadors also participate in campaigns in which the Coalition is involved.

In addition, ambassadors help advance the Green Rights Coalition through various missions such as:

  • Promote the actions of the Green Rights Coalition on social media (e.g. sharing campaigns, petitions, etc. of the Coalition and Coalition partners),

  • Share information on green rights to people likely to be interested in their respective countries (NGOs, public actors, lawyers, journalists, student groups, etc.), using various media made available to them by the Green Rights Coalition,

  • Organize conferences,

  • Monitor information on news and publications related to green rights in their country and regions (articles, books, conferences, etc.),

  • Participate in climate marches (“Fridays for future”) by wearing the logo and signs of the Green Rights Coalition,

  • Bring together other motivated people (students, friends, etc.) to create a large network of support for the Green Rights Coalition in their country,

  • Contribute to the blog of the Green Rights Coalition website and write articles on a voluntary basis on green rights in their country,

  • and so many other missions.

Ambassadors are daily contacts to help the Green Rights Coalition's permanent team promote green rights around the world.

If you would like to become a Green Rights ambassador, you can register by clicking on the link below:

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