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Our missions

The Green Rights Coalition aims to build a movement for the recognition of our environmental rights and duties. 

The Coalition intends to be a catalyst for research and education regarding green rights. We pay particular attention to youth, whose role and impact in climate negotiations are essential.

Drapeaux des pays

Our mission at the international level

Like the Global Pact Coalition, the Green Rights Coalition advocates for the adoption of an international text enshrining environmental rights and duties. This text would aim to fill the current gaps in international environmental law and contribute to the emergence of a global legal framework more protective of natural balances. 

This text would apply in a universal and transversal manner to all environmental policies, thus distinguishing itself from technical and sectoral conventions while complementing them. Based on the right to a healthy environment, it would be the first international environmental treaty, taken in its entirety. In essence, it could be constituted as a form of “pact”, a new social contract aimed at rebuild international society with a view to increased environmental protection

The Green Rights Coalition is convinced that by recognizing environmental rights and duties on a global scale, such an instrument would generate dynamics of strengthening national legal frameworks. It would encourage legislators to adopt laws that are more protective of the environment, while inspiring the case law of national supreme courts.

Together, we can lay the foundations for a world where the preservation of our planet is embedded in the very fabric of international law.

Our mission at the regional level

Regionally, we support various campaigns aimed at the recognition and protection of environmental rights. This is particularly evident within the European, Inter-American and African human rights systems. We actively work to raise awareness and mobilize these regions in order to promote policies and actions in favor of preserving our environment.

Nature désert

Our mission at the national level

On the national level, the Green Rights Coalition advocates for the inclusion of environmental rights in national constitutions

Although the right to a healthy environment is recognized directly or indirectly by many countries, many of them have not enshrined it in their Constitution and many other rights related to the environment are not protected. Thus, it is imperative to extend and strengthen this recognition by encouraging good practices between States. 

The Green Rights Coalition actively supports national initiatives to promote the effective implementation of environmental rights, such as the Green Amendment initiative in the United States. Furthermore, thanks to our network of experts specializing in green rights, we work to serve citizens to raise awareness among civil society about these environmental rights and duties.


Join us in this crucial mission and contribute to positive change for our planet and future generations.

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