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The Global Pact for the Environment

The Global Pact for the Environment project originated from an international civil society initiative. It was proposed in June 2017 by an international network of a hundred distinguished jurists (professors, judges, lawyers) representing more than forty countries from the North and the South.

Founded on both the right to live in a healthy environment and the duty to care for the environment, the Global Pact will provide citizens with the legal means to be actors in the protection of the planet. It will recognize the fundamental principles of prevention and reparation of environmental damage and establish the tools for their implementation (rights to information and public participation, right of access to environmental justice).

It will promote the harmonization and clarification of standards for businesses, to avoid environmental dumping that is as dangerous for jobs as it is for the planet. In each State, it will lead legislators to enact new laws that are more protective of the environment. It will inspire judges to adopt more ambitious legal solutions.

For more information, visit the website of the Pact.

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