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Partnership with Environmental Defenders Office

The Global Pact Coalition is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the Environmental Defenders Office (Australia).

Environmental Defenders Office (EDO) is pursuing the goal of running groundbreaking legal cases and advocating for better laws to help build a world where nature thrives. They have been the leading lawyers for many key environmental cases in Australia.

We are delighted to begin this partnership with EDO, as both organizations have a common objective of using the law to protect the environment.

You will find below a joint statement drafted to celebrate this partnership.

Global Pact Coalition

Environmental Defenders Office

Joint Statement

The Global Pact Coalition and the Environmental Defenders Office are thrilled to announce that they will now work together in their common goal to use the law to protect the environment and our environmental rights. While the Global Pact Coalition focuses on international law, EDO focuses on Australian law.

The Environmental Defenders Office runs groundbreaking legal cases and advocates for better laws to help build a world where nature thrives. The organization’s main objectives are to protect Country, habitat, wildlife, and water, tackle climate change and improve laws in Australia to move towards better environmental protection.

The goal of the Global Pact Coalition is to mobilize support toward the adoption of a Global Pact for the Environment, an international treaty that would recognize the right to a healthy environment for all and secure our environmental rights and duties. This draft international text aims to enshrine a new generation of fundamental rights related to the protection of the environment, and in particular, the right to a healthy environment.

Both organizations have started to work hand in hand during the UN General Assembly campaign, where EDO helped push Australia’s endorsement of UN General Assembly resolution A/76/300 recognizing the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a human right.

Civil society must come together to demand that States recognize and protect environmental rights beyond borders. The Environmental Defenders Office and the Global Pact Coalition will therefore join their forces and work together to mobilize support and inspire environmental protection at the national and international levels.


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