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The Global Pact Coalition is gaining momentum

Since its launch in February 2021, the Global Pact Coalition hasn’t stopped growing. It now counts 740 members, including international NGOs, high-level officials, businesses and renowned jurists. Let’s dive into the details of this tremendous expansion.

The Global Pact Coalition: a collective success

Thanks to the tremendous work of our volunteering team of Pact Ambassadors, the permanent team as well as our diverse historical partners, the Coalition has reached more than 700 members from various sectors and countries.

On 17 February, we launched the Global Pact Coalition: an alliance of NGOs, citizens, scholars, and businesses. It aims to gather a broad coalition of actors to pressure States into action. A massive mailing campaign was kicked off for the occasion, mobilizing our volunteers and the Pact Core team around one common goal: building on a strong and global civil society movement supporting the Global Pact for the Environment.

Three months after its launch, it already has 740 members on board, including 70 NGOs, 200 scholars, 6 businesses and hundreds of students from more than 70 countries. As months go on, the Coalition still continues to extend, with new individuals and organisations joining the movement every day! The geographic scope doesn’t stop getting broader and the Coalition now counts memberships from all over the globe, on every continent.

A new wave of pact supporters and partners

We are proud to count organizations such as the Amazon Conservation Team, Birdlife International, the European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and Stop Ecocide, as well as many others among our new partners. New exciting windows for collaboration are now open! We cannot wait working hand in hand with these organizations.

Moreover, eminent jurists have signed up as well as officials from many diverse political branches, countries and institutions. Celebrities, such as Tessa Gelisio, are promoting the Coalition with their communities all over the world.

The full list of partner organizations will be displayed soon on our new website!

The more the Coalition grows, the more States will have to consider adopting a Global Pact for the Environment. Join us and spread the word!


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